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Critter Control of San Diego works with our customers to develop a safe, effective and affordable solution for wildlife animal control and removal. Our services include, but are not limited to, removal, control, prevention and damage repairs. Critter Control technicians work hard handling wildlife problems so the customer can have a safe, clean work or home environment.

Animal removal and control can be tiresome, time-consuming and dangerous. It is best to leave trapping, extraction, clean up and removal to the professionals.

Did you know that pigeons can do damage, other than just being a nuisance? Pigeon feces contain uric acid. If left uncared for, the uric acid can cause erosion in some building materials. This can become an issue if it leads to roofs leaking or gutters flooding. Pigeon feces also carry multiple diseases that can be transmitted to humans and animals. It is best to get professional care and services when it comes to pigeon control, repair and cleanup.

Bats are sleek animals. They can enter into your home through the smallest crevices. The main sign to a bat infestation is the squeaking from the attic/ceiling/chimney and the odor. Bat damage consists of bad odors, stains, and feces at the roosting area. It is important to call Critter Control of San Diego to get professional service and help. Certain bats require certain removal and control.

Critter Control of San Diego works hard to ensure customer satisfaction. When our technicians leave we want customers to have no sign of previous animal invasion.

Our wildlife removal experts are on-call 24 hours a day to deal with your animal control emergency. Please call us at 858.480.6449 to schedule your home inspection today.

Critter Control of San Diego provides services for the following cities

Cardiff-by-the-Sea | Carlsbad | Chula Vista | Coronado | Del Mar | El Cajon | Escondido | Imperial Beach | La Jolla | Lemon Grove | Oceanside | Pacific Beach

Point Loma | Rancho Santa Fe | San Diego | San Marcos | Spring Valley | Vista
and many other surrounding areas

This franchise is independently licensed and operated by DWL Services of CCSD, Inc., dba Critter Control of San Diego

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Critter Control is a nationwide company, and as such, the presence of the material on this local site does not imply that your local office can offer every service for every animal listed here. Please call 1-800-CRITTER (274-8837) to see if the local office can handle your situation.